Jukka Virkkunen

Tietoja minusta

"Art is the positive power that can change the world" It might sound like a cliché, but I always dreamed of becoming an artist. Everyone thought I was crazy to leave my stable business and dedicate to my art. I guess I am a mix of Brazilian emotions and Scandinavian rationality. My works are inspired by fashion, advertising, architecture, street art, and folk patterns like the Portuguese “azulejos” and the Brazilian “tecido chitão”. My work is also about taking something un-cool and turning it into something cool, changing its image or the way it is perceived. I like painting colorful, abstract works that people enjoy having in their home. I get inspiration from things I see around me. I think that there is so much beauty in the details of every day, but somehow we forget to stop for a moment and just enjoy them. I like translating these little joys into my art.